Oncotherapy Solutions, LLC

Research and Development

Breakthrough targeted cancer therapeutics with higher efficacy and safety profiles

The company currently has two important and innovative R&D preclinical programs:

The first program is focused on the development of potent and safer drug conjugates carrying novel chemotherapeutic agents.  Our new lead drug conjugate showed a dramatic tumor growth inhibition of multiple triple-negative breast cancer models.  A single intravenous injection of 1.5 mg/kg animal weight of the new lead drug conjugate caused a 100% tumor growth inhibition of HCC1806 TNBC model with the majority of mice showing complete response.  Toxicology studies showed no effect on animal weight, white blood cells or normal organs suggesting the safety of our new drug conjugate.  In addition to its direct antitumor activity we expect our lead drug conjugate to exert an immune-mediated activity in TNBC.  We are looking forward to perform additional immuno-oncology studies of our lead drug conjugate alone or in combination regimen, especially the effect on intratumoral immunosuppressive cells namely T regulatory cells (Tregs), M2 macrophages and myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) as well as on cytotoxic CD8 T cells and natural killer cells.  We will further perform safety pharmacology of our lead drug conjugate in cynomolgus monkey with the goal to submit IND application to the FDA and start clinical trials upon availability of additional funds.

The second program is dedicated to the development of new immunotherapy small molecule drugs that will inhibit migration of immunosuppressive cells into the tumor resulting in an increase in immune-mediated antitumor activity through CD8 T cells and natural killer cells. Our future plan is to screen well-designed small molecule drug candidates for the treatment of TNBC and CRPC as well as drug-resistant pancreatic and colon cancers. 



Oncotherapy Solutions is using a wide range of advanced technologies in designing drug candidates.  We are utilizing high throughput screening technology to select lead compounds in term of their potency, specificity and safety for further in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical testing. 

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