Oncotherapy Solutions, LLC

Licensing and Partnerships

     We value the contribution of our current and future strategic partners and collaborators

Oncotherapy Solutions, LLC will be financially stable and viable through two strategic decisions: The initial phase will depend on SBIR grants from the National Cancer Institute and from private investors.  The second phase will depend on Licensing & Partnerships with other biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as from product sales.


The company is seeking pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners to work with to advance its preclinical programs and get top drug candidates/delivery systems ready for clinical trials.  Our delivery systems and drug candidates have the potential to be targeted to cancer cells, to be potent, stable and safer than pre-existing therapies  .


Oncotherapy Solutions, LLC will be out licensing some of its drug candidates and technologies to interested biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  Our company has many appealing characteristics as compared to other biotech companies:

· Our business strategy is to stay small but efficient and competitive which will allow us to save our resources and direct them toward our three preclinical programs.

· Management has tremendous previous experience in drug development and drug delivery, having previously worked on drug candidates that are currently in the market or in late clinical trials.

· Management has strong background in biotech project management, business administration as well as excellent publication record and patent portfolio.

· Our three preclinical programs are carefully-designed and our drug candidates have great potential in reaching the market in the future.

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