Oncotherapy Solutions, LLC

Research and Development

Breakthrough targeted cancer therapeutics with higher efficacy and safety profiles

The company currently has two important and innovative R&D preclinical programs:

The first program is focused on the development of potent and safer drug conjugates carrying novel chemotherapeutic agents.  The drug conjugates were designed to specifically target and kill cancer cells with limited toxicities to normal cells.  Proof of concept in-vitro preclinical studies of these drug conjugates on triple-negative breast, prostate and ovarian cancer cells are completed and we have a lead drug conjugate.  The lead drug conjugate showed a dramatic and highly significant tumor growth inhibition in-vivo using MDA-MB-231 orthotopic triple-negative breast cancer immuno-deficient mouse model. The majority of treated mice had no detectable tumors (complete response) after 3 weekly injections of 1.6 mg/kg of our lead drug conjugate and we are currently conducting toxicology studies.  Further efficacy and toxicology studies on immuno-deficient mice bearing orthotopic human MDA-MB-231 triple-negative breast cancer showed that our drug conjugate is also effective with excellent safety profile at 2 weekly injections of 450 µg/kg.  In addition to the direct anti-tumor activity we will soon investigate a potential immuno-stimulatory activity of our drug conjugates alone or in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors in humanized NSG-SGM3 mice engrafted with human CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells and bearing MDA-MB-231 or BR1126 patient-derived triple-negative breast cancers.

The second program is dedicated to the development of new immunotherapy small molecule drugs that will help cancer patient own immune cells, including T cells and natural killer cells to seek and destroy cancer cells. Our future plan is to screen well-designed small molecule drug candidates for the treatment of TNBC and CRPC as well as drug-resistant pancreatic and colon cancers. 



Oncotherapy Solutions is using a wide range of advanced technologies in designing drug candidates.  We are utilizing high throughput screening technology to select lead compounds in term of their potency, specificity and safety for further in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical testing. 

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